Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pens and Paper

Yesterday, Doug asked me why DC adds "markers" to his shopping list every week (along with paper, but he knows where the paper goes). "Does he use them up that quickly?" 

Markers, like band aids, scotch tape, books and paper are just another obsession of DC's. He just wants them. There are markers piled up everywhere. There is also a wooden case filled with all kinds of markers that are never used except when we go away (a rule made up in DC's head) but still must be placed on the chair next to him everyday while he is using all of his "at home" markers.

Because the marker situation was getting out of control, I told him that he needed to throw them away when they didn't work anymore - something he never did - because we were running out of room for all of these markers and he wouldn't be able to buy any more. So now every week, he just takes a random handful and throws them away, just so he can buy more markers.#ThatLessonDidNotGoAsPlanned

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Part 2

Doug, who can't seem to get over the fact that DC needs so many black sharpies (we've been over this) decided to #1. Sit in DC's chair and #2. Pull all of his black markers out to show me (as If I didn't know) just how many he has just in the cup on the table. 
DC was getting anxious so I told Doug to just put them back. We'll apparently he did not put them in the cup properly and did not lay a chosen few on the table.... DC had to "fix" it.

 From: Facebook Page Statuses

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