Monday, February 22, 2016

#TravelingWithDC - Cruisin'

If you were to ask DC about his trip, any trip for that matter; you would probably hear about what he ate and the bookstores he visited. Unless he met a Disney Character, saw a show, or visited an amusement park,  food and books are all you are going to be told about.Below is a collection of Facebook statuses and photos from our recent trip from DC's perspective - or maybe from my perspective of DC's perspective - either way, I know that these were the highlights for him.

I was nervous the first time we took DC on a cruise, but my worry was for nothing.
DC's third cruise was a little more difficult then the others but he sucked it up eventually and had a good time.

 The sail away party

The food, believe it or not, is always a problem...


The schedule! He had to know the schedule - over and over again.

Phew!!!! Hard Rock.

Making friends...

Dancing for St. Jude's

I just can't escape Cinderella.

Back in Miami -  and a tornado warning.

Fortunately I don't think he was fully aware of what was happening. I'm sure he wondered why I locked my self in the bathroom with him...

It was over as fast as it started, the sun was out and time once again for wings...

From: Facebook page statuses at Take Another Step


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