Saturday, February 27, 2016

Guest Post: RIP SPOCK - via: @Truewendyjane - Wendy Jane Grossman - Facebook poem-a-day (from your status updates)

Guest Post: One year ago today...

Facebook poem-a-day (from your status updates)

spock!?!? I'm
in shock!
mr. spock through
the years
it is illogical to
discuss the
color of a dress
when one who has
defined a race
of people
who introduced
space travel to
humans has
departed us
thanks for the
memories mr. spock.
you will be missed.
live long and prosper.

~ Wendy Jane Grossman - from her "Facebook poem-a-day (from your status updates)" series
You can also visit Wendy at Wendy Jane's Soul Shake

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