Thursday, February 8, 2018


We had a snow day this week and I realized just how often I must ask DC (and myself, because usually I am  really just talking to myself while searching) what I did with my coffee. It's not that I did not realize that I am always in search of the cup of coffee that I thought I had, but I noticed that he doesn't even take a beat before answering (or pointing) any more...

FB Video - November 2016

He's finding my 'day long' - looking for my coffee, finding it cold in the microwave, reheating, looking for my coffee, finding it cold in the microwave, reheating, looking for my coffee, finding it cold in the microwave, reheating debacle highly entertaining. #WhereDidILeaveMyCoffee 


Storm Preparedness - Personal FB Page (no lnk)

My coffee thermos only holds 16 cups..... should have gotten an extra, that just won't do...... 


FB Memory - Day 3 of 4 trapped in a blizzard without a snow plow in sight...

Isolation day 3: Coffee rations running perilously low. This could prove to be a dangerous situation. Must. Have.Coffee!

Chocolate rations, depleted. Must stop obsessively looking out the window. TV news reports Zombie watch in effect through 10pm. 
Fortunately we were able to acquire large amounts of snow for protection from the pending attacks. 
I've heard rumors that large vehicles are reported to be stealing the snow barriers in a few locations, but not enough to worry about.
We will be ready to protect ours if any should EVER show up in this area.
The voices in my head are getting louder: "I am very brave" and "happy 'valentimes' day one week" and "mom, stuck here forever". 

What does all of this this mean........?......


FB Status September 2016 - DC knows that coffee is the way to my heart, especially if he is trying to butter me up for something.

And then he came into the living room with coffee for me. He can't make coffee but I thought that maybe it was cold coffee that I'd forgotten (again) in the microwave.
Me: "Where did you get coffee?"
DC: "in the sink"
He found a cup in the sink with coffee (and probably soap, crumbs, dishwater) in it.
I still don't know what he's trying to butter me up for.
To be continued, I guess.....


Signing Priorities - FB Status February 2017

 DC was non-verbal until he was 7. He used sign to communicate (he still uses it even now) - The "Coffee" sign is one that he knows very well...

FB Status in response to a Monday Morning To-Do List 

The last item in the list was:
Re-heat coffee

Next: forget about the re-heated coffee in the microwave, find it again after you've made more coffee and are going to re-heat the new cup of coffee because forgotten that one as well.

FB Status - More "used" coffee - June 2016

Progress... This morning during my uncontrollable allergy/coughing fit (I don't know when I will ever go outside again) - DC tip toed into the room to bring me a cup of coffee. Granted it was old and cold coffee that he found sitting on the counter but he thought of it himself so... Yeah, he gets some points for that one 😃❤️☕️☕️


FB Status February 2017 (I have used this photo without the status in a previous post)

I said "Ooo" when I walked into the kitchen this morning because I remembered that I almost forgot to do something.
DC, hearing that "Ooo" chimes in with "I can't find my coffee"
I guess it happens more than I realize.


FB Status February 2018 

Another snow day and another day filled with DC having to show me where I left my coffee over and over again.☕️☕️


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