Monday, June 20, 2016

#TravelingWithDC - Niagara Falls and Toronto

(A Collection of Facebook Statuses)

Wish I could fall asleep that fast! #TravelingWithDC

#TravelingWithDC At the hotel - DC and Doug go for breakfast. I normally don't go because they (men) can somehow just get up and go. I on the other hand never feel like I can just get up and go as is... That just isn't happening. Not before coffee anyway. 
When they came back (with coffee) I asked DC what he had for breakfast..... (I am again mentioning the cranberry juice, there was juice, really)

American Side of the Falls

He didn't even make an issue (a big issue anyway) about getting wet! #travelingwithdc


Canadian Side:

I'm sure the outdoor entertainment was thrilled to have DC give his critique.... Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls Canada #TravelingWithDC

Of course, we couldn't skip Hershey's World of Chocolate!
As if his life depended on it; he begged to go there. In true DC fashion, insisted on buying pajama pants and jelly beans - no chocolate- Figure that one out#TravelingWithDC
 — at Hershey's Chocolate World Niagara Falls.

What you must understand is that a Big Waterfall means nothing to him. It's a waterfall - yes it's big but he looks at it like any other waterfall. So why do we keep making him go and look at it? Each time we went to see the Falls, he would look at me as if to say "Are you kidding me? Again? Why?"

Moving on....

I was probably much more nervous than he was, but we both did really well 😁 #TravelingwithDC — at Skylon Tower.


He was "done of" looking at waterfalls, but he had fun.


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