Saturday, January 11, 2020

Moving Into January in "Slowly Motion"

Me (at lunch at DC's job): DC, slow down. You don't have to eat so fast!
DC picks up the fork and swishes it in the air (sort of like "here comes the choo choo", but slower) towards his mouth.
Me: What are you doing?
DC: Eating in "slowly motion"
#AlrightyThen    - January 3, 2020


DC stomps up the stairs shaking the house. 

He comes back down the stairs the same way (this is the same guy who tells me that he's nervous every time our neighbors run up and down the stairs - "Mom! I heard a noise! I'm nervous about the noise")

Me: (when he gets back downstairs) DC, you have to walk softly up and down the stairs, you're shaking the whole house.

DC: I'm sorry Mom (and he starts back up the stairs to do it more quietly)

Me: DC, you don't have to do it again. Just try to do it a little more quietly the next time.


Narrator: But he couldn't not do it again....
#WalkSoftly   - January 9, 2020


In case you are new here: 
“I tell stories, most of the time; single individual stories about this or that. Some may be written with humor and some may come across as “Oh, look at the cute thing DC did or said” (he does crack me up at times) but my object is always to make people understand how his mind works, never to "make fun of him"
It is difficult to explain “his” autism to anyone without resorting to 1000 examples and 1000 stories. So I tell 1000 stories to make clear that there are other sides to autism than the characters seen in TV or movies."
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