Thursday, February 16, 2017


A few Facebook statuses from and about Valentine's Day.

"Mom! Happy 'Val-lum-times' Day coming soon two weeks!" 
(Repeat every 10 minutes) - in case any of you were not aware and need to update your calendar......
You're welcome!

From Take Another Step Facebook Page

From 3 years ago #Bacon

From Take Another Step Facebook Page

This boy loves his Jelly Beans. 
These will last a bit longer than usual as he has to read each and every one to me before eating.
Happy Valentine's Day! #valentinejellybeans

From Take Another Step Facebook Page


It's been a (insert expletive of your choice here) week, but these made my day! (Flowers from Best Buddies Flower arranging class on Wednesday and cards from Camp party) - #earlyvalentinesgifts 
Happy Valentine's Day

From Take Another Step Facebook Page

And this year:

DC just presented me with this beautiful fake flower that he pulled out of an old party favor arrangement that I had sitting on a shelf. 
Happy Valentine's Day! 

Oh, and a heart eraser that he got at his camp party last night.

 But wait, there's more.... a note on his grocery list 

I'm wondering now if the note to me on his shopping list was really not a note to me at all but an addition of an item on his shopping list. Hmmmm.

From Take Another Step Facebook Page

(FYI, I was correct, he did add it to his list because he wanted to buy me a heart. I thought originally that he just picked up the first piece of paper that he could find to draw me a heart)


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